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El Zorro
Tony Barter

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El Zorro: Tony Barter: The Black Diamonds Band
El Zorro
Tony Barter

Tony Barter 1948 -2011

After recent illness Tea chest bass player and founder member of The Black Diamonds Skiffle band tragically passed away on Sunday 6th March at 2.30pm.

His funeral will take place on Thursday 17th March at St John Bosco Catholic Church at 1pm 56 Western Avenue, Woodley, Reading , Berkshire, England, RG5 3BH.

We would be pleased to see as many people as possible in attendance.

We would like to thank all our friends and supporters and people that known Tony over the years
- Ian & Rose
Vocals/ Tea-chest bass/ acoustic bass guitar & bass synthesiser.

In 1968, he walked into dancehall from a wedding. The DJ was playing "The good, the bad and the ugly". At that moment 'The Sly old fox' decided to learn to play the guitar. A purchase was made in Majorca of a hand crafted Spanish classical.

He studied Latino dance for some time and later married his ballroom dancing Teacher (don't laugh). Zorro in his fedora and wife with her castanets and rose Between her teeth. His music and dancing career was put on hold for quite some time, when he was admitted to hospital with a collapsed lung. His condition was described as 'Touch and go'.

The late 80's saw him take up live radio as a DJ with Dave Nelson on Radio 210FM. This country music show partnership lasted four years. Co-formed 'STAGECOACH promotions' with the late John Smith. He was the Stage/ production manager and helped to organise national country music events: Palmer Park, Reading The Lakeside Club Blackwater and National holiday camps, bringing top class acts across from The States.

In April 2004 El Zorro met Django in a local hostelry. Django had wanted to set up a duo, performing acoustic based original songs and covers.

Spent 3 years studying to be a boat skipper. 12 years at sea and has a boat, moored off Chichester harbour. The Band frequently go out to sea fishing when not on Tour.

He is also qualified to fly a light aircraft (right hand seat), usually Piper 180's. Flies regularly into American airports. "On one occasion the single engine packed in on the way into Miami, we dropped 400ft but we managed to get 90 nautical miles back. I could see the Tiger sharks in the ocean. We got back on a wing and a prayer - song title there!" Zorro has been both a horse rider and owner for many years. Can you imagine the band arriving at a local saloon, tying up their steeds etc (check out the saloon's In Winnersh).

He nearly died in a bike crash in reading 1997, broken hip. Takes part in the annual bike 'Toy Run' from Reading to Wokingham to generate money for underprivileged children and has raced everything from stock cars to Formula Two at Goodwood, Aldershot & Wimbledon.

He loves the Florida Keys - many friends, happy memories and tales to tell. Keen fisherman and bourbon connoisseur. While out with Larry, the sheriff from Monroe Co. hooked a big bull shark 700lb plus --.Jaws! Likes long haul drives, Alligator Alley, I .75 - See the REAL States.

Tony still misses his beautiful wife Glenda who was the love of his life and taught him about horses,Show Jumping, Cross Country and how to ride a horse properly - not like a cowboy!

Hasta La vista!
El Zorro: Tony Barter: The Black Diamonds Band