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Band Members
Zeke Whisky: Mike Campbell Zeke Whisky
Mike Campbell
  Vocals/ Lead guitar

Zeke was born in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire near Glasgow (at a time when Elvis was leaving Germany, and the Beatles were saving up to buy the fare to go there!) He spent his first years listening to an endless stream of contemporary music before taking up the Eb Horn in a marching brass band. Moving to trombone, he would later study and perform under the tutelage of the Scottish National Orchestra.

Now at High School, having been encouraged to 'Sing' by his mother from an early age, Zeke was offered a position in a National Choir and 'Barber shop Quartet' arranged and conducted by one of Benjamin Britten's former pupils! performing and winning contests all over Scotland.

Enjoyed several stints with punk bands during the late 70's before forming 'Strasse' -Bowie influenced 80's Pop Band. They proved very popular Writing and performed original songs with long time 'Friend & Muso' - Frank, forging Friendships with Simple Minds, Magazine and Ultravox on the Glasgow Club circuit.

In January 1981, Zeke's new band 'Venigmas' are signed to a record deal in London and perform venues including the 100 Club, The Marquis, The Rock Garden and Hammersmith Palais.

The bands 1st and only single 'Strangelove' is released in May 1982.

In 1990's returned from 'retirement' to join: 'Johhny Earle and His Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame' This was Zeke's first introduction to the 'Tribute Circuit'. And what an act! The band consisted of not only Johnny Earle as Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and Billy Fury, but Ian Sparks was a magnificent Roy Orbison, and Marc Robinson an equally impressive Buddy Holly. The band consisted of Tom Jones's guitarist from his original backing band The Squires, Gene Vincent's bass player and Joe Brown's keyboard player from the Bruvvers. This what it was all about. Playing music you love and in the West End too.

The highlight though was not with the usual set-up. A friend of one of the band, another Elvis Presley act Danny Fisher, had been invited to perform for the Lords Taverners charity gig at the Albert Hall in April 2001 and he didn't have a backing band. Up steps the Hall of Fame band. Labelled the Greatest Show on Earth, the acts that night were Danny Fisher's Tribute to a King, Fabba, The Counterfeit Stones and The Bootleg Beatles. The night was hosted by then Lords Taverner's President Robert Powell and MC'd by Tony Blackburn. A pleasant time was had by all

To date Zeke has performed tours across most of Europe with top tribute bands: The Bootleg Beegees, The Johnny Cash tribute show: 'The Man In Black' and more interestingly, in top 60's tribute show 'The Silver Searchers' with Django!

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K.B. Keith Bryant
Keith Bryant
Washboard/ Drums & percussion.

Keith has enjoyed some forty years as a professional musician and worked with some great bands including:
  • The First Class - 'Beach baby'
  • Kenny - 'The Bump'
  • The Sweet - 'Fox on the run'
  • MUD - 'Tiger Feet'
  • The Silver Searchers - 'Needles and Pins'.
As well as having performed on countless record albums and singles, at 60's & 70's music festivals and on TV and radio, K.B has extensively toured right across Western Europe Including: Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, UK & Ireland. (In Dublin during a recent theatre tour with MUD, the lads where personally invited to a VIP party by Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern!)

When not busy with The Black Diamonds, K.B has just built and established a Top of the market rehearsal / recording studio in High Wycombe.

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