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Skiffle Instruments


Using metal thimbles on the ends of your fingers and scraping them up and down the corrugations produces a rhythmic rattle, like a drum kit. Add saucepan lids, bells and squeaky toys and you've got a percussion set and, its very easy to play and great fun. I've seen some very weird bits and pieces bolted onto the frames and they are a great sound!

Autoharp Autoharp

Using a Plectrum or fingers, this Instrument is picked or strummed. It can be played laying flat on a table or held across the chest, like a Guitar. If a Chord button is pushed down, selected strings are damped, leaving only the chosen chord playing.

Kazoo Kazoo

The easiest Instrument to play. Put the large end between your lips and make an 'Ooooo' sound with your voice! You can get the same effect with a comb and paper and its easy to carry!

Tea Chest Bass Tea Chest Bass

Another easy Instrument to play! Pulling back the pole tightens the string as you pluck it and the note is high. Slacken the pole and the plucked note is lower. Building Instructions are available FREE on the site. Just e-mail me. Another fun piece of Kit and a MUST for a Skiffle Band!

Six String Guitar Six String Guitar

Mainstay of the Band, playing the backing Chords and the odd 'solo' break. Most of the songs you will Skifflize will have three or four backing chords so, the songs should be easy to learn and commit to memory and also, very easy to play.

Twelve String Guitar Twelve String Guitar

Don't be put off by having twelve strings on the Guitar! The Chords are just the same as the six string to play because each string is duel toned, four of the lower toned strings are Octave tuned, giving a fuller and brighter sound with more colouring to its Chords and the 'action' on your fingers is kinder!

Five String Banjo Five String Banjo

This instrument is the chosen one for Blue Grass and Country music. There are numerous ways of playing it. Strumming chords, picking chords and a combination of backing chords and picked melody! An accomplished player will confound you with his speed and boggle your mind with his dexterity and musical interpretation. I can strum three chords!