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Keith Bryant

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K.B. Keith Bryant
Keith Bryant
Washboard/ Drums & percussion.

Keith has enjoyed some forty years as a professional musician and worked with some great bands including:
  • The First Class - 'Beach baby'
  • Kenny - 'The Bump'
  • The Sweet - 'Fox on the run'
  • MUD - 'Tiger Feet'
  • The Silver Searchers - 'Needles and Pins'.
As well as having performed on countless record albums and singles, at 60's & 70's music festivals and on TV and radio, K.B has extensively toured right across Western Europe Including: Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, UK & Ireland. (In Dublin during a recent theatre tour with MUD, the lads where personally invited to a VIP party by Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern!)

When not busy with The Black Diamonds, K.B has just built and established a Top of the market rehearsal / recording studio in High Wycombe.